Interactive Library Lesson: Creepy Carrots

One of my immediate goals in my new position is to provide our special education classes with activities that will make them enjoy the experience of being in a library. I’ll ultimately include technology into these lessons, but for now i’m focusing on 15-minute activities that align with a story and reinforce something tangible for the students.

My first lesson included a readaloud of Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds because it’s one of my favorites. Those illustrations by Peter Brown get me every time. Everyone thinks it’s a Halloween book, but rabbits and carrots make me think of Spring, so I went with it. I loved our discussions afterward about how sometimes we misjudge people before we understand their intentions.

To complement the book, we decided to grow our own creepy carrots. Naturally, we needed to fence them in to protect them from hungry rabbits. They’ve just started to sprout, and the kids have been so excited to see the “pom poms” growing on top. We have a lot of excess fence for now, but once they take root we’ll expand our patch 🙂

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