not forgotten.

It’s not that I’ve forgotten about this little corner of the Internet, even though it’s been increasingly obscured from view by slowly settling dust and cobwebs.  No, I’m reminded regularly by commenters, spam bots and human bots who post generic compliments with links to debt burden websites and nice things about how I need to start writing again, respectively.  And I’m reminded of my blog when, even though I haven’t posted to my former domain in seven months, it still garnishes a pretty nice annual summary from the WordPress stat bots:

I know… I’m pretty shocked, too.

Far from forgetting about my blog, I think of it often.  I’ve loved it here, chronicling my librarianism, articulating my thoughts, and sharing resources among peers, colleagues, and friends.  But I started to write a post inspired by this picture:

…and I decided that no one would want to read about an unfruitful job search any more than I wanted to write about it (which is not very much at all).  I still have a draft of a post about my first real job interview, but it’s been nearly four months and I have yet to glean any positive moral growth or insight from my rejection call from the principal, which was very polite with the exception of the phrase, “you’re a little bit too much of a yankee.”

Even though my library endeavors seem pretty bleak, I am not the least bit discouraged with my new life in North Carolina.  I wanted to shout from the mountain tops when I got a job that I am totally in love with, but I don’t want to steer my beloved little blog in a different direction, even though the two have some striking similarities (and notable differences).  And then I decided to take this opportunity to focus on my offline life, trading in my writing time for sewing projects, reading actual books (!), and hanging out with my dude.  After three weeks with no internet- thanks to some abhorrent customer service from my ISP- I’d abandoned my RSS feeds, and catching up on articles and posts isn’t a priority of mine for the time being.  I’ll come back to this life, and it’s still my absolute passion, but for now I’m viewing the slower pace as an opportunity to enjoy my fleeting youth before I step into my grownup shoes for good.  I’m eagerly anticipating my career as a librarian, but this past year has showed me that there’s no hurry (you know, except for the student loans, but I’m still in denial about all of that).

Thanks to all of the aforementioned peers, colleagues, and friends for being continually supportive and wonderful.  Your comments, cards, Skype sessions, Facebook threads, and care packages have helped me remember just how loved I am, even though I’m in faraway and unfamiliar territory.  I don’t know what the next year will bring for karen the librarian, or how often I’ll share it here, but I’m looking forward to all of it and hope that you are all as fortunate in this life of ours as I have been.

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