1. Use of Information and Ideas

Efficient and Ethical Information-Seeking Behavior

10th Grade Lesson: Plagiarism

I executed this lesson in two classes- health and parenting- that were starting to create informational books and brochures.  To reinforce students’ existing knowledge, I handed out notecards with various sources of information.  Students taped the cards to the whiteboard to indicate whether or not each source requires citation.  We then discussed each source and its relation to the handout.  Read more about this lesson in the blog post.

Literacy and Reading

Family Literacy Event: Cinder Stories

This event was planned with a group of classmates for a class on literacy.  The evening features readings of six multicultural versions of Cinderella, as well as relevant activities and exhibits that represent each tale’s culture of origin.  The Cinder Stories event was created to promote literacy and foster interaction within the school community.  For a detailed summary, visit the blog post.

Access to Information

Elementary Fieldwork Project: Improving shelf navigation

At my elementary fieldwork site, I devised a system to make the shelves easier for students to navigate on their own.  I created large, brightly-colored placeholders to sit directly on the shelves, indicating the alphabetized organization of the fiction section, thus simplifying students’ access to information.  Read more about this project in the blog post.

Secondary Practicum Project: Library map

During my secondary practicum, I assisted my site supervisor in preparing a library scavenger hunt to reinforce library resources to middle school students.  To improve the activity and create a lasting informational resource for the library, I upgraded the existing library map.  I improved readability, and included general library information.  For more on this project, visit the blog post.

Stimulating Learning Environment

Library Display: Where the Wild Things Are

At my elementary fieldwork site, I created a library display to promote Maurice Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are in conjunction with the release of the film adaptation.  Read more about this display in the blog post.

Library Display: Prom Central

During my secondary fieldwork, I assisted in the development of a display to promote the library as a resource for prom.  Students could visit the library for relevant information and coupons for local vendors, including dresses, tuxedos, limousines, hair salons, and restaurants.

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