2. Teaching and Learning

Knowledge of Learners and Learning

10th Grade Lesson Plan: Delivering Oral Presentations

My secondary practicum site supervisor was collaborating with a biology teacher on a research project.  Students were each assigned to write a research paper on a notable biologist and subsequently share their new information with the class in an oral presentation using PowerPoint.  Since this is the students’ first formal presentation, I provided instruction on public speaking and planning an informational, cohesive presentation using PowerPoint.  In the lesson activity, students were asked to recite song lyrics in an emphatic manner.  The purpose of the activity was to help students become more comfortable with public speaking.

Understanding Motivational Theories

In a class on motivational instruction, we examined what educators can do to provide useful instruction that students actually enjoy, and an environment in which students thrive.  In the following research paper, I explore Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi’s theory of flow, its relation to concepts educators already understand, and how to foster its occurrence in a school media center.  To read the paper, please click here:  Motivational Theory- Flow

Effective and Knowledgeable Teacher

6th Grade Lesson: Introduction to filmmaking

In a brief lesson at my elementary practicum site, I introduced sixth graders to common filmmaking techniques.  The above sheet was displayed using an ELMO digital visual presenter in accompaniment to a lecture.  Students then used the library’s three digital video cameras to practice the techniques.

Elementary Unit: Book Review Bonanza!

At my elementary practicum site, I executed a three-lesson unit on multimedia book reviews.  In class, I demonstrated what elements of a book are included in a review, and how to write persuasive reviews.  Students were able to choose the format of their reviews, including audio, video, written, and posters.  The completed reviews were uploaded to the school district’s library OPAC and attached to the reviewed book’s record.

Information Literacy Curriculum

Library display: Preserving online identities

For this high school display, I created a mock Facebook page that featured status updates, group activity, and relationship statuses of teachers at my practicum site.  Accompanying the large graphic were several facts about sharing personal information online.  Read more about this display in the blog post.

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