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  • not forgotten.

    It’s not that I’ve forgotten about this little corner of the Internet, even though it’s been increasingly obscured from view by slowly settling dust and cobwebs.  No, I’m reminded regularly by commenters, spam bots and human bots who post generic compliments with links to debt burden websites and nice things about how I need to […]

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  • north carolina: a journey in photos

    It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole month since my life looked like this: Everything I owned was jammed precariously into a “small” moving truck (as if such a thing exists!), and I was pretending that I wasn’t crippled by the terror that accompanied the thought of driving that monstrous vehicle over seven […]

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  • what i learned in grad school

    Yesterday, karen the librarian turned two, which means that I started my WordPress adventure shortly before officially starting grad school.  I wrote my introductory post with all the enthusiasm and optimism that this brand-new life journey merited, and casually speculated on what exciting opportunities the future would have in store for me. In six days, […]

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  • Hello, friend!

    Thanks for coming to hang out, and I apologize for the mess.  I’m working on a super site for k.t.l., and you’ve caught me in between coats of primer.  In the meantime, get your fill of my lesson plans and anecdotes over at the comfortingly familiar k.t.l. wordpress site. See you soon!