Automated Library Attendance for Study Halls

At a few librarian meetings in our top-secret underground librarian lair, I mentioned that I use our automation system, Mandarin, to monitor attendance in our library. After that, a few colleagues contacted me and asked for the specifics of my system. I realize that this explanation is lengthy, but I promise that it’s not as […]

low-budget alice in wonderland: giant mushrooms

I work in a small rural school district that serves predominantly low-income families. Our drama club has 15-20 members, with a few extra students who join us the week or so before the production to help with crew responsibilities, hair and makeup, and the like. Funding for the drama club comes solely though fundraising. In […]

not forgotten.

It’s not that I’ve forgotten about this little corner of the Internet, even though it’s been increasingly obscured from view by slowly settling dust and cobwebs.  No, I’m reminded regularly by commenters, spam bots and human bots who post generic compliments with links to debt burden websites and nice things about how I need to […]

north carolina: a journey in photos

It’s hard to believe that it’s been a whole month since my life looked like this: Everything I owned was jammed precariously into a “small” moving truck (as if such a thing exists!), and I was pretending that I wasn’t crippled by the terror that accompanied the thought of driving that monstrous vehicle over seven […]

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